November 5, 2017

With the release of the new design of car refrigerators in 2017 from the German manufacturer DOMETIC, connoisseurs of quality in mobile cooling have the opportunity to keep the refrigerator at a remote distance under control. And, if you could only read the parameters and watch the temperature before, you can now set it up, change settings and turn off the auto-cooler over a wireless Wi-Fi (WLAN) network.
Indeed, this feature is very convenient in conditions where access to the refrigerator is limited.

WI-FI (WLAN) Remote control DOMETIC CFX series

Enabling Wi-Fi signal for optional app

Coolers DOMETIC CFX-..W series can be controlled via Wi-Fi using an app that you can install on a compatible device. The app has control, display and alarm functions.

The Wi-Fi name of the compressor cooler begins with “CFX”. The preset password is “00000000”. You can change the Wi-Fi name and password individually.

Switching the Wi-Fi signal on or off
➤ Press the “SET” button six times.
➤ Use the “UP +” and “DOWN –” buttons to switch the Wi-Fi signal on or off.

✓ The desired setting appears in the display for a few seconds. The display flashes
several times and then the current temperature is displayed again.

More information in operating manual fo you cooler.

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