October 12, 2016

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At present, the customs clearance of cargo (commercial) vehicle in Ukraine is cheaper than the passenger. And for that to customs clearance of cars was on Tariffs cargo need to know how to distinguish between Ukraine truck from the passenger and cargo or passenger. First, we analyze on commodity codes for UKTZED according to “stattі 312 Mitnija Code of Ukraine (92-15)”:

– 8701 tractor (including tractors)
– 8702 or 8703 – Passenger Vehicle (passenger and cargo)
– 8704 – TA trucks (vans, some pick-up trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, etc.)
– 8705 – special equipment (cranes, truck mixers, fire, car cleaning, etc.)


It takes place under the code 8704 customs clearance of trucks in Ukraine. . If the dump trucks and flatbed trucks all different tested under this classification, the vans carrying up to 7.5 tonnes must comply with the rules:

Manufactured at the plant exclusively for the carriage of goods
The presence of only one row of seats (2-3 places with a driver)
We should be out in the cargo compartment and fastening holes for the seats, seat belts, any signs of comfort
Windows shall be allowed only on the moving parts of the body (on the front door, side, rear)
Van body to be 1 volume *
* 1-volume body is composed of the combined into one unit of the passenger compartment and the engine compartment and luggage.


Definitions regarding the “volume” of the body cause many disputes and misunderstandings. Furthermore, the volume of body 1 there are 2- and 3-bulky. Body 2-volume consists of two volumes – one for the engine, the second – for passengers and luggage. Body 3 consists of a volume-volume three: one for the engine, the second – to accommodate passengers, and the third storage compartment. For example, a sedan, hatchback, station wagon, another name: Utility vehicle body type wagon, coupe, convertible, and the like. On the basis of these bodies, there are combined types of bodies of cars, for example, landau limo Phaeton touring, etc. These vehicles can be cleared through customs only as a passenger or cargo-passenger.


In other words, the models of cars are both available in various body styles, such as hatchbek, sedan and wagon can not be klasifitsirovanny in Ukraine as a truck, even if they correspond to the 4th item description above. That is why such models as the Dacia Logan VAN, Peugeot 207 VAN, Ford Fiesta VAN, Opel Corsa VAN, Opel Astra VAN NOT possible customs clearance in Ukraine as a cargo.

Cars with body pickup mozhna to clear of the truck only if there is one row of seats in the cabin, detail see this article >>


Source of information “Recommendation on the classification of goods in accordance with the requirements of UKTVED in Ukraine.”


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