Customs clearance of cars from the USA in Ukraine (Kiev, Lutsk, Kovel, Kherson and other cities)

Low prices for cars in the US at the time of sale are mostly due to their condition after an accident or as a result of natural phenomena. American insurance companies sell damaged cars for export, since the restoration of damage is not cost-effective within their country and the purchasing power of the population allows them to provide themselves and every adult family member with their own vehicle.

In Ukraine, the demand for American cars is quite high, given their quality and price. Proceeding from the fact that most American cars “come” in Ukraine with body damages, the certificate of compliance for such a car to be restored will not be obtained. In this case, to confirm the country of origin and compliance with environmental standards, some institutions should be involved in issuing such certificates. Usually this is included in the brokerage services.

An important difference in the clearance of cars from the US is a certificate of title, or rather the lack of some technical data on the car, in connection with which it is necessary to re-engage some institutions for their confirmation (engine volume, weight, etc.).

To confirm compliance with environmental standards (Euro-2) car from the US can be on the data from the emission plate under the hood of the car.

Evaluation of a car imported from the US can be confirmed by original invoices from the seller along with the cost of delivery to Ukraine. If the cost of delivery of the car is not specified, then the average market cost of delivery of one car from the USA to Ukraine is accepted at the tariffs of the carriers.

If you need advice on customs clearance of cars to the company or to an individual, please contact our specialist for more information.

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